Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grand Central Holiday Market

Next on the Ann Tour of NYC was the Holiday Market at Grand Central Station. It's a good place to warm up after being outside, and they actually have a committee to decide which vendors will be allowed to have space here to ensure variety of goods and a rotation of vendors from year to year. Vendors average 100K in sales from the 6 week period according to one of those free papers they give out on the way into the Subway.
The TV tree is new this year - Sharp created the display. Rick noted that they were way brighter and clearer than our TV. I reminded him that was what he was supposed to think when he walked by.
I thought the goods at the Holiday Market were very nice, but I think I prefer those at Union Square (which is ironic since I almost skipped that one). We picked out our annual Christmas ornament - I love the blown glass ornaments and have been collecting for many years. I mentioned to Rick that I will miss opening all the ornaments I have collected over the years, remembering when I purchased them or when they were given to me as a gift. They are all in storage in NH and won't be coming out this year at all. We will probably get a small tree or some kind of arrangement. We'll see. We plan to hang this ornament from the dining room light :)
Rick suggested that we take a tour of the Grand Central Market, the gourmet food store right in the terminal. They still sell the beautiful cake we bought for my birthday :) This time we decided to try some blue cheese stuffed artichokes and from the meat counter, some braciole (pronounced bruh-CSHOL with a long O). I'm cooking the meat now. I'll write about that recipe later :)