Monday, November 24, 2008

The Uptown in the UES

We were quick to evaluate the next entry in the Blue Ribbon of Onion Soup contest. On the way out of the train today, I stopped to buy a subway pass for tomorrow, and my sweet love Rick came out of his train at just about the same time. Since the barber shop had a line, I was able to talk him into a cocktail and a bowl of soup :)

Since we were here to have a quick nibble, the French Onion Soup on the regular menu seemed appropriate. I will say that the bartender said these were the last 2 servings for the night (???) so maybe they weren't as good as usual. We waited a looooonnnnnggggg time for our soup, so that may have affected our ratings as well. I'll rate the Uptown again when things go as we expect so you can take an average of the 2 :)

Out of 5 stars:

Presentation = Traditional onion soup crock, stringy provalone cheese melted over the top (stringy), a paper napkin caught spills which was kinda yucky. 3 ***
Broth Flavor = I thought the broth was onion-y sweet. 3 ***
Bread/Crouton = Usually the croutons are cripsy still in the soup. I think because this was the last serving, maybe they subbed something else? 3 ***
Onion Content = Not many onions at all - again maybe because it was the end of the pot? 3***
Cost = $6 - not bad! 4****

Total = 3.2 Stars