Sunday, November 2, 2008

Top Ten Things For My Next Visit To SPI

10. Siesta!

9. Try Black Beards, Scampi's and Wanna Wanna

8. Attend the entire SPI Music Fest!

7. Sand Castle building lesson with Amazing Walter (nice web site!)

6. Water Park Schlitterbahn

5. Go deep sea fishing

4. Rent a Jet Ski!

3. Order a car to bring me to Mexico so we can try some authentic mexican food :)

2. Have more grilled fish tacos at the Palm Street Pier!

And the number 1 thing I want to do when I come back

1. Have a BBQ and fire on the beach at sunset, driving my car on the beach so I don't have to drag anything there :) Grill those fish I caught from number 5!