Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kang Suh Korean Restaurant

The Friday after Thanksgiving I trudged into work - no freebie day after Thanksgiving off in the financial sector - both the market and the banks are open, so we are too.

Marlene was also in the office, so we decided to actually step out of the office at eat at a restaurant. She said that there were some folks who had been to Kang Suh at 1250 Broadway and 32nd Street and they really liked it. We decided we'd just jump in and try it too :)
We took some time with the menus - there were some english descriptions, but really we just did the ennie meenie minie moe approach to choosing. Our waitress was very kind, and after seeing us struggle, she suggested dishes for us. We accepted her help gratefully!

Lunch started with miso soup - exactly like what you would see at any asian restaurant. While we were enjoying the soup, 7 little dishes of food appeared - the server placed them in the middle of the table. We noticed everyone had them. The waitress indicated that you mix them in with your entree.

Our entrees came in heated stone bowls - very very hot - along with a side of chili scallion sauce. The server showed us to pour the sauce on and mix everything (the rice and seafood and sauce) together very well. She did Marlene's and I did mine. I ended up using all my sauce - it was very nice. We tried all the little dishes. 2 used potatoes - one was like a potato salad with mayo, the other was like roasted potato in soy sauce. Then there was a sweet pickled cabbage - that was very tasty! And some fried tofu we thought - it tasted a little like chicken. Then there was bok choy cooked with a spicy chili sauce - I liked this one. Marlene didn't try it as her tummy can't take spicy stuff. Then there was a brown kind of gelatin. Marlene tried it and didn't like it so I passed on that. The last part were some kind of sauteed or steamed greens. Now all the condiments were maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons of food - it was like our own mini buffet :)

It was very interesting - unfortunately the take out menus are only in Korean, so I couldn't really tell you what we ate, but I think I will go back again sometime to try more :)