Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pre View of Rockefeller Center

Rick and I continued the tour that was going to be for Ann today. It was bright, sunny, clear and cold out today, and I felt like it contributed to the anticipation of the holidays :) I will say that if Thanksgiving is as cold as today, I feel very badly for the baton twirlers in their skimpy costumes :) The tree is up in Rockefeller Center, and you can see it behind us covered in staging. There is a huge banner in front of it advertising the Swarovski crystal star. I imagine that will come down when the tree is lit in a couple of weeks.
The Angels are up, heralding the coming of the holiday, and toy solders surround the ice skating rink.
We'll come back again to see everything lit up. I'll be sure to take some photos then, too.
We realized after perusing Rockefeller Center that we were hungry. It was time for Brunch. We saw Brasserie Ruhlmann right there. We have reservations for Brasserie44 for Thanksgiving, and I thought Hmmm... here is a chance to check it out before the holiday, and if we need to change our reservation, we can. Win win!